Ripper Roller Coasters!

Roller coasters are great fun! I remember enjoying my fair share of them as a younger fellow. The fear of riding the demon at Wonderland, the joy of the wooden roller coaster at Luna Park, cannot be beat!

I always marvelled at their design and wondered what it would be like to build my own…

Well, wonder no more! Having purchased K’Nex Double Doom, I excitedly dived into the world of K’Nex for the first time and enjoyed every moment of this build.

Instructions are for the most part very clear and the pieces of very high quality with the majority of this product being manufactured in the United States of America. The unit was so good I purchased Electric Inferno and will be posting that shortly.

The system allows for great adaptation and I look forward to eventually designing my own roller coasters. Not since Technic Lego have I enjoyed a toy this much!

K’nex also has a superb customer service system whereby in the unlikely event that your set is missing a part you simply contact them and they send the missing part out.

These sets can be purchased in Australia but also very easily from Amazon.

We at Bunyip Kingdom thoroughly recommend the Doubke Doom roller coaster and stay tuned for more on K’Nex Thrill Rides!


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