Red 7 Review

A small game.  A small review.
Red 7 is a card game by Carl Chudyk author of the now infamous Glory to Rome card game (get that one out again through another company guys! Or sumfink!😁).

A quick (as in 5 minutes) game where each player has 7 cards with different values, colours and (like Fluxx but WAAAAAY better) game changing rules that you must be winning by at the end of your turn our your out.
The player elimination element does not hurt this game as it is such a short game anyway you can have a few rounds. You will likely want to have a few more rounds to once you get your head around how simple it is. In fact it’s simplicity was off-putting at first but it offers some reasonable thinking time nothing too serious and not ridiculously light where you want to throw it away the first time you play it.


This is priced quite well for what you’re getting, the components are very good the rules are fairly clear although maybe better examples of play would have helped and there are advanced rules too. As far as short, so called ‘filler’ games go, this is one is definitely one to look out for.
We were given a courtesy copy for this unpaid review.


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