Game Time

It would seem that the earliest form of gaming took place some 5000 years ago around Mesopotamia and involved humble dice made from animal knuckle bones (pictured above). Since recorded history humankind has been involved in playing games whether of politics, war, sports, status, love and so on. Gaming is an essential precursor to the serious business of transitioning from child to adult. One could say “I game therefore I am.”

Alright, perhaps that is taking matters a little far, but only a little.

Games are serious business. Just consider the multi-billion dollar industry that is sports. I realise that some people balk at the idea of calling sport justs games but that is exactly what they are. Also consider the fact that many top-level corporations and even the Central Intelligence Agency use board games to train staff toward best practices.


The face of tabletop gaming has changed considerably too. Many of the best board games are designed in Europe and feature mechanics, rules, boards and pieces that are light years ahead of the games usually found in your local superstore. They also present so many opportunities for fun and strategy that games like Snakes and Ladders and the not too dissimilar Monopoly cannot hope to provide with their simple roll and move mechanics.


On this site, we are talking about games that can transport you to new world’s, new ways of thinking, new ways of interacting and competing or cooperating. It may seem like hyperbole to call this a revolution but it is a well-recognized fact that boardgaming has undergone a renaissance and no doubt you will want to be a part of it!



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